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What can be expected on my blog? Copious amounts of quotes, pictures, videos, and music relating to video games, anime, gay culture, art, psychology, philosophy, etc.. Basically anything I can find beauty, substance, or purpose in. Oh, and mostly naked men. ^_^


i loved the dark horse video

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Funny Stuff you like?

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  • CAT: So here I am being awesome, being besties with ma girl Bee, learning family mysteries, getting messages from the heads of dead political poets, going to see a real live airship -
  • ANDEVAI: Hey. So, we're married now.
  • CAT: - at the Railyard - wait. What?
  • ANDEVAI: Shut up, and come with me. By the way, I think you're stunningly beautiful, but I'll never actually tell you that. Probably because you don't match up to my narcissistic over-inflated sense of my own self-importance.
  • CAT: No, wait, I get that you're super vain. I'm still stuck on the whole husband-and-wife shtick.
  • ANDEVAI: Don't worry about it, I gotta take you to the mansion where I live, so... Vamoose.
  • CAT: So you know it's freezing outside? And you haven't given me any food? Or clothes? Or told me where we're going? Or why people keep trying to kill us?
  • ANDEVAI: Seriously, don't worry about it.
  • ANDEVAI'S BOSS: Andevai, you little screw-up, you were supposed to marry the cousin. Kill this chick.
  • ANDEVAI: Oh. Okay. I guess I should do that. I guess.
  • CAT: Shit. Well, I found your family, they seem cool.
  • ANDEVAI'S SISTER: Here you go, Vai, you can kill her now!
  • CAT: FUCK.
  • ANDEVAI: Oh, wait, I think I actually do like you! It's possibly even love, however much you don't dress as sharply as me!
  • CAT: Screw you, asshole, you almost just killed me! Luckily it turns out I'm magical. Let's have separate adventures for now, you lunatic!
  • ANDEVAI: But, wait, no, I'm not going to try and kill you anymore, I seriously want to give this whole marriage thing a try -
  • CAT: I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the memory of you cutting me with a sword~
  • ANDEVAI: I will search for you forever! In the name of love!
  • CAT: Well, here I've met up with my cuz Bee and a brother I didn't know I had. Let's try and get out of this whole marriage shenanigans, shall we?
  • ANDEVAI: Da da da, I'm here to save the day! Turns out I'm way stronger than my boss who wants you dead. We're good, everybody.
  • CAT: Yeah, still not into you.
  • ANDEVAI: That's okay, my beautiful wife, who's almost as beautiful as me. I will be here for you whenever you like.
  • CAT: Okay, a kiss for the road, but only because you're actually pretty hot. N-not because I like you or anything.
  • No, seriously, I actually really love Vai and Cat, I think they're fantastic. I haven't finished the next one, Cold Fire, yet, so no spoils, mmk?
  • Vai/Catherine foreverrrrrrrr


Pictures don’t get much prettier than these macro butterfly photos by Eleonora Di Primo 


Gladiator Draven by Bathorygen


Gladiator Draven by Bathorygen

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